Got 2b Guardian Angel Is A Smooth Move

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Hi. This is my hair.  No, this is not my hair just on Halloween, or at a costume gala, or even on a dare….. This is actually my hair looking pretty normal—you know, for me. It has been hot pink enough to glow under a black light. It has been golden blonde on top and jet black on the last four inches or so. It has been long, it has been short, it has been a lot of things. Damage? Oh yeah… I got that in spades, so while I was shopping with my eldest the other day, I started thinking, “Man, I do some pretty crazy stuff when styling & dying my locks, maybe I should look for something to help mend and alleviate the damage I do?” to which Eldest turned to me and also expressed, “Mooooooom! I need something to flat iron  my hair and keep it smooth!” (Just imagine that being said in a whiny teen whine.) So together we start pouring over the hair care aisle when we happen upon this little gem: Got 2b Guardian Angel Flat Iron Balm.

Got 2b Guardian Angel

According to the bottle, (and several stylists I have been faithful to…), hair doesn’t like heat. Temperatures above 425 degrees make your hair brittle and split. Use high heat long enough and you end up with major breakage! Yikes! This balm claims to moisturize and insulate each and every little hair on your head to not only keep is healthy, but smooth too. I looked at Eldest, Eldest looked at me and we both looked at the price tag. It was refreshingly UNDER $5, so we chucked it into the basket and finished our shopping.


Now, since I looooooove my eldest, I let her be the guniea pig go first. We took a photo of her with the product and what her hair looked like before being straightened. It’s already pretty straight, but you can still see subtle waves and frizz. Apparently, frizz is O-U-T out in high school this year. So she took the styling balm and disappeared into her bathroom to do the flat ironing.  While she was gone doing this I emptied the dishwasher, vacuumed the living room, dusted the bookshelves, solved string theory, started dinner, and then she finally waltzed back out!


This is what she looked like after. Her hair was definitely straighter, and it felt smoother. There was a definite lack of frizz as well. Eldest was extremely pleased. I said we needed to try it for more than one outing. She squeed in agreement and made off with the bottle for the next four days. During those four days we had hot, humid weather, windy weather, and rainy weather. (We live in Florida, so there was no way we were going to be able to get some cold weather.) Eldest flat ironed her hair each morning before going to her high school and I picked her up in the afternoons. Her hair stayed straight, shiny, and without frizz, even on the rainy day! It also stayed soft and shiny.

Still Smooth Four Days In

We’ve also been checking her split ends and noticed that even those had started to number fewer and fewer. Eldest is enjoying Guardian Angel immensely! Got 2b seems to have a winner here.  I know if I can ever pry the bottle out of her teenage clutches I may actually get to try it for myself, although I think I’d probably go for their other product, Guardian Angel Heat Protect & Blow Out since I use the hair dryer and the round barrel brush more than the flat iron. Either way, Got 2b Guardian Angel will be gracing my hair at my next derby bout! Who doesn’t love soft straight blonde hair with electric purple and acid green highlights!??!




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Posted on December 28, 2011 by in Beauty


14 Responses to “Got 2b Guardian Angel Is A Smooth Move”
  1. Megan G.No Gravatar says:

    What a little beauty!

    My son uses Got 2B’s Glued to spike his hair. Good stuff, and not a fortune. Can’t beat that. Good to know that their other products work well too.

  2. Thanks! You know, I never got my bottle of product back. I ended up getting the other one I mentioned! My husband uses the Spiking Glue too, but just when he gets his hair freshly cut. I really like their line!

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