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Posted on January 25, 2012 by in Style

Hollywood Fashion Tape: I Accept No Substitutes

We’ve covered fashion tape before. It’s a wardrobe essential, in my opinion (although maybe they could make clothes that actually fit the way they’re supposed to, but whatever). There’s nothing that looks worse to me than bra straps that are hanging out, and nothing more irritating to me than a piece of clothing that won’t stay put. I’ve tried many different kinds of tape, at many different price points, but I always come back to one: Hollywood Fashion Tape.

At $8.99 for a tin of 36 three-inch strips, it may not be the cheapest option out there, but I think it’s the only option. While other tapes will stick temporarily, the Hollywood tape will stick as long as you need it to. I have a linen jacket with floppy lapels that will use the same two pieces of tape for months. I take it off to wash and iron the jacket, then apply new strips and forget about them until the next washing. The other thing I love about them is the material they are made from; it’s stretchy and flexible. This is important for a couple of reasons: 1. It’s silent – other types I’ve tried crinkle when I move, like actual tape; 2. It holds better because it moves with you and the fabric.

The tape size is perfect for most uses: keeping bra straps hidden, closing gaps in button-down shirts, keeping lapels in place, etc. If you don’t need the whole three inches, you can cut it (do so before removing the backing). You can also find special packs of odd shapes at fabric stores—they will help you through almost any fashion dilemma. I see they also sell small dots that can be an excellent choice if you just need a bit of tape.

My only complaint? Every time I buy more tape, I get another tin. I don’t need another tin, and I hate throwing them in the trash. Ladies—come up with a refill pack and I’ll buy it.

P.S. – Check out some of Hollywood Fashion Secrets’ other stuff—there’s something for just about every need. So cool.

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Posted on January 25, 2012 by in Style


3 Responses to “Brand Specific: Hollywood Fashion Tape”
  1. Ooooooo! I may have to get these!

    • Megan G.No Gravatar says:

      It’s completely worth it. I use it a lot. It’s especially helpful if you have a large chest and your button-downs gap no matter what you do. You can also “hem” a pair a pants so you can wear them right away if you’re like me and hate waiting for the tailor to get done with them before you try ’em out!

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