Friday Find: ModCloth

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Kitschy, Affordable Fashion At ModCloth

You may have seen ads for ModCloth on some of your favorite sites around the blogosphere, but you may never have checked them out. It’s time you did. ModCloth offers a selection of affordable, cute and totally kitschy clothing, accessories and home decor for the under 30 set (although they don’t card you at you checkout, which is good because they have some totally cute stuff that those of us a bit north of 30 can pull off). The style is retro and vintage; it reminds me of those old black and white TV shows from the 50s that my brother and I used to watch on weekday afternoons. Think “I Love Lucy,” but with a modern twist.

ModCloth was started by a husband and wife team, Susan and Eric Koger when they were only 17 years old (they were not married at 17 – just sayin’). It started as an outlet for Susan’s passion for vintage clothing and soon grew and grew. In a few years’ time, they had a real winner on their hands. I can see why. The reason I’m writing this at all is that I kept seeing their ads on other sites and always thought, “What a cute dress!” I finally clicked and found they were affordable as well.

One thing that sets this apart from other clothing sites is customer participation. The “Be The Buyer” feature allows customers to vote on sample pieces. Those that get the most votes go into production. Interesting concept and smart business, if you ask me. What better way in ensure that an item is popular than having customers pick their favorites before they’re even produced? They also feature stylist’s picks so you can see the next big things.

ModCloth is fun, affordable clothing and accessories for the fashion forward woman. Go check ’em out.

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Megan is a professional writer, amateur photographer and an accomplished beauty product crash test dummy. She'll try anything once, especially if it's a free sample. She's still trying to figure out what she wants to be when she grows up, but it will probably involve travel and Colin Farrell. And maybe some writing and photography. You can visit her at or follow her on Twitter: msmegan.

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Posted on February 3, 2012 by in Featured, Friday Finds, Style


3 Responses to “Friday Find: ModCloth”
  1. Karen StrommNo Gravatar says:

    I love ModCloth, especially their dresses and shoes!

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