Fall Into Autumn With Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin!

Ok, Ill admit it. Even though I am a hard line summer girl who lives in Florida because warm weather and sunshine are the elements that feed my soul, I love Fall. I love that it starts to cool off a little,(if you call 80 degrees cool), and the humidity begins to die down so my hair isnt in a constant state of frizz. I love boots and blazers and football. Yeah, our trees dont change color unless you count green to brown, but we still have the smells & states of Fall down here.

One of those smells is pumpkin. I just love the smell of pumpkin. Pie, spice, etc. its yummy, so when I followed my nose into Bath and Body Works the other day, I thought I found the jack pot!

Cinnamon Pumpkin? YES PLEASE!

Meet Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Creamy Body Scrub. Good gravy, it is the most scrumptious thing I have ever smelled. Pumpkin cinnamon vanilla.. oh my goodness. I was in heaven. The scrub is thick and creamy. The scrub has Shea Butter in it that makes your skin so very soft after being scrubbed smooth by the sugar crystals. My whole shower was a steamy, fall scented event for me!

Bath & Body Works describes it as
Sugar, spice & everything nice! Reveal radiantly smooth skin with your #1 fragrance for fall, a cozy blend of fresh pumpkin, crisp apple and spiced vanilla. Our exclusive formula contains a sweet medley of exfoliating sugar crystals, soothing Vitamin E and hydrating Jojoba Oil to leave skin cleaner and softer than ever before.
I didnt smell the apple notes, but maybe I was too intoxicated by the pumpkin. Either way, I found a whole line of products in this amazing scent and I am diving head first in to Fall with them!!! Sorry Summer, but dont fret, Ill be back next year!
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