Sacred Pregnancy A Must Have Guide to Pregnancy

When I became pregnant with my first son, my best friend gave me a pregnancy guide book. It gave me all the facts on symptoms, what was happening to my body, how the baby was growing, what I may be feeling, and warning signs that something could be wrong. It was great… for like the first couple of weeks.
Then I got bored with it. While it was a good reference if I was looking for basic medical facts, I always felt like it was missing something. Needless to say I never bothered with those books with the next 3 pregnancies. In fact I turned to online mom groups with pregnancies 3 and 4.

Sacred Pregnancy by Annie Daulter
I recently came across Sacred Pregnancy by Annie Daulter. Annie Daulter is an extraordinary author. You can tell she really put herself into this book to make it the very best it could be. Her attention to detail, consideration to all aspects of pregnancy, and ability to personalize the experience of pregnancy for the reader makes it one the best and in my opinion the only pregnancy guide any women could need.

Only a few pages in and I was already falling in love with this book. Its so much more than the run of the mill pregnancy books that are filled more with medical facts and a lot of time, misinformation. Although it does mention things like symptoms and what’s happening with your body; it also gets into other aspects of pregnancy such as your body image, your relationship with your spouse, forgiveness and meditation, to name a few. It gives you a different outlook on how you are feeling and what you may be experiencing.
At the end of each chapter there are blank pages where you can record your own experiences a journal of your pregnancy. What an awesome keepsake is that!

Week 4 – Meditation
Each week, as the book has it broken down to, features topics such as your body, your baby, your spirit as well as reflection, ideas and other topics you wont find in most other pregnancy guides. Even the titles of each week are unique cravings, bonding, fear, etc. In addition, the book also includes recipes to help with certain symptoms and ailments, ideas for relieving stress, music to relax to its incredible. The artwork by Elena Rego & Alexandra DeFurio is absolutely gorgeous and so inspiring. They capture pregnancy in such a beautiful, artistic and natural way.

Week 8 – Body Image
This book takes you on a spiritual journey through pregnancy and empowers you, instead of scaring you and leaving you full of questions like most pregnancy books. I would have loved to have had a book like this when I was pregnant. Whether for yourself or a friend, make Sacred Pregnancy your guide through pregnancy.
To really experience Sacred Pregnancy, please check out the Sacred Pregnancy website for more information about Annie Daulter, Sacred Pregnancy and to be a part of an incredible community of inspirational women and mamas.