The best disclosure we can give you is pretty simple:

If you click a link on this site and end up making a purchase, you should generally assume that we got a tiny cut of that.

That being said, even we dont always know when we get a kickback and when we dont. We generally assume that we do, no matter what we link to, so we just write about and link to whatever we want and let the chips fall where they may.

More specifically, we use an affiliate program called Car Seat Affiliate. That company partners with thousands of other companies, and if it sees a link that it can monetize for us, it does. We choose to work with this company because we are multiple people writing about multiple things and we didnt want digging up affiliate links to get in our way.
From time to time we may also contract with a company for a sponsored link. We will do so only if it is relevant to a post weve already produced. We do not write content for pay.

Do people send us free stuff?
Yep! And we love it! And if we are writing about something that someone has given us, well say that very clearly in the post.
If youre ever unsure about our motivations for writing something or our relationship with a company, just ask!